Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wanton Wantin'

From net-a-porter
I've been wanting a new pair of flats - mainly for wearing on the weekend. I want something more formal than runners, don't want ballerinas and I already have a pair of flat brogues, so this narrows my options down significantly. I think I want loafers/moccasins.

I then saw a girl wearing these lovely skinny flood jeans with a pair of black and white python-print loafers and I began to very actively seek something similar, realising that whatever I buy must have an animal print. This was further cemented by these amazing shoes posted by Kit-Cat-Kitty-Cat - I know they're not flats, but I still want them because they're leopard and would look brilliant with jeans - cropped, boot-cut, light, dark - almost any pair of jeans.

I found my absolute dream pair, not only are they snake-print, but they are yellow/chartreuse. I can see myself wearing them with a pair of black flood-length trousers, a white tea shirt, big black sunglasses and some chunky bracelets. Sadly, they are not a budget-friendly item, or well they're not very friendly to my budget, so I'll just have to dream or keep my eye out for something similar on the high street.

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  1. Ahh they are gorgeous - I love little details like the laces. CHeck out Urban Outfitters for some flats that are on sale for €18 at the moment - perhaps not as amazing as the one's above, but cute ones nonetheless. I invested in 2 different pairs at the weekend - black ones with tiny gold studs on the toe and cream patent ones with criss-cross straps that make them look slightly like ballet slippers.
    I've made a pact with myself to start buying better quality flats as I was always impulse buying cheap ones in Dunnes or Penneys that just ended up jaded within a few weeks & leaving me heartbroken!
    Thanks for the mention too m'dear x