Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I purchased 3 coats in the winter sales. This should be excessive, but considering winter started in September and the prophetic postman of Donegal is predicting that we will have a white St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, they were good investments.

Spring is revealing itself, ever so slightly, like a burlesque show in slow motion. There are a few cherry blossoms out and about and we’ve had some amazingly bright days. 

This was my shopping ensemble on Sunday afternoon – hooded duffle coat, fuchsia sunglasses bought in California and vintage Gucci bag.  If it is too cold to take it all off, you may as well show off a few of your best bits.

sunglasses + winter coat = one of my favourite combos


  1. Have to agree with the big old sunglasses and an adorable wool coat! One of my faves as well!!!

  2. Oh, this is my fave of your new coat purchases... I still want to snuggle into that lovely collar!

  3. ADORE your beautiful handbag. I also love the sunglasses and coat combo - ultra chic!