Sunday, June 26, 2011

You (and you and you) make me smile

Taken in Barcelona a few years ago. 

I have been exhausted this week, which means that I have been unable to photograph or write about anything I’ve worn this week. So I am going to do a round-up of the top 10 things that made me smile this week.

1.     Net-a-porter’s ‘What’s new for you on Monday’ message, featuring several Missoni jewellery items: I would like to have one of each, per favore. Especially this and this.
2.     Outdoor Yoga: I am sure I am one of many fashion bloggers that would count yoga as one of their ‘Hobbies and Activities’. However, how many can say that dogs and swans run through their class? Plus the instructor is utterly charming.
4.     This ring. Sweet and tough.
5.     The Brown Thomas Sale. Lovely red patent Miu Mius, Ferragamo jellies and Missoni scarves were among the many things I coveted on my journey through the shop.
6.     Murphy’s Ice Cream: I had yet to try any Murphy’s and decided that yesterday was the day to do it – Balsamic Vinegar, Strawberry and Dingle Sea Salt ice creams in a waffle cone. Yes...oh YES!
7.     The site of Rainbow flags and the Pride parade while rounding a corner in Dublin.
8.     Hendrick’s Gin: Imbibed for the first time this week. Served with tonic and a slice of cucumber. Life-changing.
9.     Reading ‘Everything Is Illuminated’ by Jonathan Safran Foer in the park today, which turned out to be a proper Sun Day. Even the smelly lad who chose to sit and snore near me shop near me didn't put me off.
10. These shoes at New Look – my housemate has them and I usually resist copying another friend’s style (especially one I live with), but I need new heels and these seem to tick all the boxes.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunshine Souvenir

But in this case, it is. I am fairly sure I have mentioned that I usually buy an accessory of some sort as my holiday souvenir. So in Alicante I was ready to shop, but on a very tight budget. I discovered a fab little store Bimba & Lola and fell in love with this bag.  I hesitated due to the 'appropriateness' of a clear bag for a woman over 30, but inspired by my 'summer of fun' mantra, this post from Ripped Knees, the fact that it is on sale for half-off and it's my birthday soon -  I'm thinking that it must be added to the collection.

I did leave Spain with a purchase. Normally I don’t fall for 'it' colours, but when the 'it' colour is yellow (or, officially, 'Mimosa'), by Chanel and can be worn on your nails, well, an exception has to be made. I know I could have purchased it anywhere in the world, but I bought it in Alicante and will think of the trip whenever I wear it and that is what matters. The colour also brightens your mood on the greyest of days, which is never a bad thing when spending the summer in Dublin.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My own personal portmanteau for that post-holiday feeling – in my case I am easily distracted, and want to spend as much time outside wearing sandals, dresses and sunglasses, while reading books and making general merriment. In fact, I am writing this blog, while sitting in Belgrave Square soaking up the sun in a dress purchased for, but not worn on vacation.

I am lucky enough to have a travel gang known as the Sardines, our first trip was to Sardinia hence the name. On this holiday we went to the Costa Blanca for just under a week – cheap and cheerful. We rented a flat in El Campello, a town about halfway between Alicante and Benidorm, and lay on the beach, hit Aqualandia, witnessed Benidorm and checked out Alicante town.

I wanted to wear colour on this holiday. I feel like I have been stuck in dark clothes for a while and it was time to throw some sunshine into the wardrobe. The day before departure, and conveniently enough the day after pay day, I went on a mini-spree to H&M and picked up three brightly coloured dresses for €60. These are my two favourite outfits from the holiday.

Benidorm Brights:
Dress – H&M - €15
Sunglasses – Vintage Polaroid from this Etsy Seller
Bangle – H&M (US) - $5
Sandals – Birkenstocks - €95

Alicante Awesome:
Dress – H&M - €30
Belt – Lauren by Ralph Lauren purchase in TJ Maxx - $20
Sunglasses – Chanel – Way too much, but have had them for 5 years.
Sandals – as before
Bag – Vintage and gifted
Bracelet – Coral – Gifted

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life Goes to a Party

This week saw another work formal occasion, though on this occasion it was on a Thursday and began not long after quitting time.

For the dress I went for a little black number with sequins from Topshop that wouldn’t wrinkle if thrown into a bag. I also knew I could wear my peacock feather headpiece with it, which meant not having to worry too much about the state of my hair after a long day at work.  I bought the headpiece for a friend’s wedding last year off of Etsy and have been looking for an excuse to wear it since.

With the primary accessory and dress chosen, I decided to go for a bit of a 40s theme, carrying a vintage black bag with an art-deco clasp and tights with faux seams up the back. Luckily the only item I had to buy were the tights, which I picked up at M&S for about a tenner, so it was a budgetary and fashion win all around!