Thursday, September 29, 2011


It seems like Gok Wan’s fashion solution to everything is ‘put a belt on it’. Now for the most part I am not mad on Gok and part of it is that I feel he relies on belts a little too much as being key to every outfit and shape, but with some things in my closet a belt is exactly what is needed.

They can instantly transform a dress that doesn’t do much for your waistline or in something patterned they break it up a bit, making the busy-ness a bit easier on the eye.

I have a ‘strictly for purpose’ plain black belt, which has reached a stage where it should really be replaced, to wear with jeans and trousers and a number of ‘fashion belts’. As pictured, one of these was removed from a pair of vintage trousers that I got in a family haul and the other has been featured previously as being a TJ Maxx, or TK Maxx, depending upon which side of the pond you are on, find. I have a few others that get used for nipping in various dresses – and I think pretty much all of these are from H&M (like the bow belt above). I also tend to use scarves or long chains as belts.


Dream mom has an amazing vintage brown leather belt from the know the ones with a painted scene carved in that includes rainbows and snow-topped mountains...I keep contemplating stealing it. And I have also been keeping my eye out on Ebay for a reversible Hermes belt, preferably in turquoise and black or chocolate brown with a silver H buckle. I think both of these will remain a dream for a good while longer.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumnal Tones

I have recently renewed my love affair with thrift shops. I’ve always popped in and out, but as bridesmaidly duties approach and an ever shrinking bank account, it was time to start making a bit of time to hunt down a pair of silver shoes on the cheap.

Of course on my first outing to the thrift shops, I did not find silver shoes, but I did find these amazing Bally heels for 8 yos, hardly worn and in my size. Last night was the perfect night out for them and I decided to go for variety of autumnal tones...maroon dress from H&M, navy blue tights and vintage forest green leather cluth.

Oh and I found the perfect Buffalo silver satin shoes for less than a fiver, also hardly worn on my next outing...wonder what I’ll find next?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Festival Fetish

The fear is slowly fading after the Electric Picnic, all to be faced with the Festival of Fashion, the Dublin Fringe Festival, and Dublin Contemporary 2011 (they really should have thrown an f-word into that last one to indulge my love of alliteration).

I am super excited about everything going on in Dublin this months, however my body and wallet recoil in horror. I have a feeling that both sides will win some and lose some. 

Anyhow, how does one accessorise for a weekend of frolics and music in the Irish outdoors? Wellies, sunglasses and tights are mandatory. The name necklace slightly vital to make striking up conversations eith strangers a bit easier. After that it’s whatever takes my fancy – this year it was the Hello Kitty ear headband from H&M and wristwear – I’ll let you guess which cost over €200 and which came out of a Christmas Cracker.