Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Skirting - The Issue

I have a tendency to persevere in my fashion challenges – brown tights, blistering shoes – but sometimes you come upon an item that you quickly realise is a lost cause. You avoid it, try it again, back to avoidance and eventually accept that it is not for you.

This lovely skirt will be departing my wardrobe in the near future.  It was on the round rack at H&M with several cousins of various colour families. I loved the fact that it was neutral, but still had loads of colour in it. I imagined wearing it with sandals and t-shirts on warm days or with brown tights and sweaters in winter, accessorising with a coral necklace or bracelet or maybe just some gold earrings.

The first attempted outing was for a night out with friends. I bought some coral tights to wear with it. When I walked out ready to go, my friends pointed out that it was completely see-through. I was living in a basement flat at the time, so lighting was an issue. The coral tights also looked hideous on general basis and went straight into the bin.

The first official outing was to work. In spite of my notions that I would instantly age to retirement through its purchase, I bought a slip, specifically, to wear underneath it. I was convinced by a librarian friend that a slip would save the day and it would also keep it and other skirts from clinging to my hips and making its way up.  

Lies. I spent the day pulling the skirt down and struggling to keep the slip hidden.

The skirt was put away.  I rediscovered it last week. Maybe it would work this time, I paired it with brown tights, a lovely dark green top, brown shoes and this necklace. I gave it a chance. It looked great.

Then the cracks began to appear. Like a handsome man who enchants you and then comes out with something so offensive you wish you had never met them, it began to reveal the slip and several more inches of leg than was appropriate for work.

Maybe I am being a bit harsh, maybe I could sew some weights into it...or maybe it's just a bad skirt.