Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Impossible Accessory - Brown Tights

They came into my life as part of a multi-pack from Marks and Spencer about 3 years ago. Black and grey posed no challenge and have long since disappeared from the top drawer as a result of wear and tear. The brown tights, survivor of many top-drawer purges, have remained, unloved and unworn.

I was baffled by how to wear them. Black, grey, navy and other cool colours are more my thing, especially when purchasing skirts and dresses. Then shoes - a decent and comfortable pair of brown shoes has eluded me for many years - what shoes would you wear with brown tights? Orange, yellow, green, gold? All colours that I love, but think, ‘are you really going to wear those often enough to sacrifice precious space in your wardrobe or cash from your budget?’ I don’t mind mixing brown and black on the top half and have seen other girls pull it off on their bottom half, but seemingly incapable of pulling it off myself.

Finally, I found a dress at M&S this year that I liked and that would have suited my skin tone, deep orange, brown and tan hues in a loose 70s style. I knew the brown tights would also work with it. Unfortunately there were none in my size - plus what shoes?!?

After finally locating the perfect pair of brown shoes - EUREKA!

A lemon dress with a white top,  part of me looking forward to spring,  and brown shoes and tights, embracing winter. It’s a perfect outfit for Groundhog Day and good enough, I think, to repeat over and over again.


  1. I love it. In true Jan fashion I have looked for lemon coloured dresses on eBay. I'm your biggest fashion copycat.

  2. And I forgot to credit you for the photo. (Photo by Jan)

  3. Hi Marie! I was only thinking about how great brown tights are the other day and how I must get me some! They work soo well here!