Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vintage - One Owner

Brogues, brogues, brogues - they have been showing themselves on the catwalk and high-street season after season recently. Heeled, flat, neutral, two-tone, canvas, leather – just about any variety to go with any outfit. I’ve been pondering the heeled pairs at Office and all out lusting for a pair from Margaret Howell.

But really, I don’t need a new pair. I bought a pair of black and white brogues in 1997 from a shop on Westheimer in Houston that had these and every other type of Doc Marten imaginable.  It wasn’t Dream Merchant, but the shop across the street – I can’t remember the name, but they had all sorts of mad clothes and I am fairly certain I bought a jar of Punky Colour there at some point.

They’re a bit too clunky for being 100% on trend, but I figure the fact that they’re vintage – one owner gives them more than a bit of cred.

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