Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Cocktail Ring

For years I wanted a cocktail ring, but always had trouble finding something that sat well on my hand. I have fairly thin fingers, but they’re on the short side. Then there was of course the challenge of finding something in budget that was classic, but quirky. Most importantly it had to be eye-grabbing, as a cocktail ring is nothing if not attention seeking.

I wasn’t wholly diligent in my search, it was an item I dipped in and out of looking for. When time presented itself, I would have a look, try it on, take it off, look at it again and walk away. The one was elusive. I thought I had found it on holiday in Barcelona once and actually bought the ring. I do wear it a fair amount, but it doesn’t quite have the je ne sais quoi I wanted.

It was late July when Jan and I had a lovely lunch in Powerscourt on South William Street and decided to check out Bow Boutique. While she was trying on a gorgeous dress, I spied two gorgeous rings. They looked great in the case, but how would they look on my hand?

RING-O! A large rainbow agate stone with a bright gold setting. A little more than I wanted to spend, but less than a €100 and it’s Paul and Joe, a label that has pieces I fall in love with season after season. It also fits my finger perfectly – not too snug and not too loose. Plus my parents had given me birthday money and I always try to buy an investment piece with it.

The stone, as you can see, is mainly teal, then rust with a bit of soft white lightning through it. The stone is held in place by a slightly detailed setting that looks a bit like limpet shells and the bottom of the stone dips slightly over my knuckle, so it doesn’t shorten my finger.  I had this amazing red dress for a few months and it paired really well with the ring. Sadly, the dress got a large hole that could not be repaired or disguised.

I probably wear it once a month, usually on its own to ensure it gets the most attention, but sometimes with a gold chain that was actually once a strap on a vintage purse. In this case I wore it with a simple black dress, patterned black tights and patent black shoes & handbag. Oh and with a cocktail ring polished nails are a must – I’m sporting Barry M Raspberry here.

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  1. That is one gorgeous ring - you did well to hold out till you found it! Loving that shade of polish too!