Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's Lessons

1. The water in my area was being shut off for the day. Unfortunately I learned this post-yoga and pre-shower. Thank goodness for baby wipes and dry shampoo.

2. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon accompanied by a Bloody Mary at Lennox Street Cafe is the definition of a perfect brunch.

3. Powerscourt Centre has always been one of my favourite places in Dublin and at the moment it is one of the best places to shop. Hour Glass has very lovely hats, scarves and gloves. 2nd Skin has tights of every description. There is a great selection of vintage jewels in the shops on the second floor, including one that has signed Lea Stein brooches at affordable prices. The Loft has a bit of something for everyone. I could spend a lot of money in there in a very short amount of time.

4. Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde smells amazing and one squirt lingers for hours.

5. D&G have some very cute bike basket-friendly handbags.

6. Everytime I ponder the purchase of a denim skirt I see a girl wearing one and I remember that they don’t really flatter anyone.

7. I am forever indebted to hipsters for making flat shoes fashionable again, however in most cases said shoes are slippy, making hipsters running in the rain slightly entertaining.

8. The sight of Christmas decorations in shops makes my liver hurt. Apparently it never forgets and is not looking forward to the impending festive season.

9. The Starbucks on Harcourt Street is excellent for people watching when taking cover from a particularly heavy shower.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wishing and hoping and...

Wishing and hoping and

This is my current wish list...

I made the mistake of going to BT2 in search of shoes and couldn’t avert my eyes fast enough from COS. Temptation pushed four frocks into my arms and manhandled me into the fitting room.

I am totally in love with this dress. My poor housie has been subjected to me mentioning it frequently since Wednesday. Finally this morning it dawned on me that I have the perfect reason for its purchase...a christening! 

I am also in love with the ‘it’ polish for the season...again. I can’t decide if I am just a fashion marketer’s dream in this regard or if it’s the colour. Years ago I had this amazing Hard Candy polish in a deep, glittery olive green. This polish reminds me of it, but has a gunmetal edge and I’m a sucker for grey.

The YSL belt bag...though I don’t want it in patent and would prefer it in matte black, mink, camel or olive. I got a bicycle recently and well this is a perfect hands-free handbag. Yes the bike has a basket on the front of it, but...well...I just want it!

The brogues because I’ve been saying for ages that I want a pair of glittery brogues. I regretted not buying a pair a few years ago when they first hit the scene and now that they’re back, I will be sure to acquire a pair. 

The yoga mat because I actually need a new one, my current one is wearing out. I’m getting a slightly posh one this time as I go to yoga twice a week and a good mat is necessary.

Instant gratification must wait however as I am off to Texas on Wednesday for a best friend’s wedding...I’m a BM so was unable to use this as an excuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an outfit of my choice. Plus I never know what I’ll find in the States and it could turn this current wish list on its ear, except the yoga mat and the glittery brogues and the...