Monday, December 17, 2012

A Heeliday

On a quiet night in, a few weeks after moving into my new house, I managed to injure my foot/ankle. It was dark, I was happily running down the stairs, missed the last step and several months later I am still nursing it back to health.

I can still do most yoga poses, cycling is okay, but have to be careful about walking too much on it. Heels seem to be a big no-no - I've worn them twice since the incident and it set me way back in the healing process. 

Luckily my desire for glitter shoes and a trip home to the States led to a very wise investment from Target. I've been pairing them with dark skinny cords and low back sweaters with dangly earrings as my go-to look for the holidays. A bit boring, but the look is keeping me warm and dancing for hours, which really is more than you could ask for during the winter.