Thursday, February 17, 2011

One for the freezer

So this isn't really about fashion, but it is a necessary accoutrement for my life and must always be on hand for an ‘emergency’ situation. A run-in with the ex/boss/roommate/parent/sibling/pet, or better yet for an unplanned after party when it’s chucking out time. I would always recommend havng a bottle of booze in the freezer.

I prefer either Absolut Citron, or 42 Below Honey. For parties it’s invaluable because it is pre-cooled and can be used with recently acquired warm and over-priced mixers. With flavoured vodka I find you don’t need a mixer and can drink it straight - SLOWLY.

It lends itself to dancing and singing in the kitchen with your best mates until all hours. Alternatively, it gives you the stamina to watch bad movies until you have the ‘it’s time to go to bed’ epiphany, or as it did this evening, calm your nerves after a day where it seemed the fates were completely working against you. Your mother would not approve, but for an urban dweller it’s simply a necessity.  

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