Thursday, September 8, 2011

Festival Fetish

The fear is slowly fading after the Electric Picnic, all to be faced with the Festival of Fashion, the Dublin Fringe Festival, and Dublin Contemporary 2011 (they really should have thrown an f-word into that last one to indulge my love of alliteration).

I am super excited about everything going on in Dublin this months, however my body and wallet recoil in horror. I have a feeling that both sides will win some and lose some. 

Anyhow, how does one accessorise for a weekend of frolics and music in the Irish outdoors? Wellies, sunglasses and tights are mandatory. The name necklace slightly vital to make striking up conversations eith strangers a bit easier. After that it’s whatever takes my fancy – this year it was the Hello Kitty ear headband from H&M and wristwear – I’ll let you guess which cost over €200 and which came out of a Christmas Cracker.

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