Thursday, September 29, 2011


It seems like Gok Wan’s fashion solution to everything is ‘put a belt on it’. Now for the most part I am not mad on Gok and part of it is that I feel he relies on belts a little too much as being key to every outfit and shape, but with some things in my closet a belt is exactly what is needed.

They can instantly transform a dress that doesn’t do much for your waistline or in something patterned they break it up a bit, making the busy-ness a bit easier on the eye.

I have a ‘strictly for purpose’ plain black belt, which has reached a stage where it should really be replaced, to wear with jeans and trousers and a number of ‘fashion belts’. As pictured, one of these was removed from a pair of vintage trousers that I got in a family haul and the other has been featured previously as being a TJ Maxx, or TK Maxx, depending upon which side of the pond you are on, find. I have a few others that get used for nipping in various dresses – and I think pretty much all of these are from H&M (like the bow belt above). I also tend to use scarves or long chains as belts.


Dream mom has an amazing vintage brown leather belt from the know the ones with a painted scene carved in that includes rainbows and snow-topped mountains...I keep contemplating stealing it. And I have also been keeping my eye out on Ebay for a reversible Hermes belt, preferably in turquoise and black or chocolate brown with a silver H buckle. I think both of these will remain a dream for a good while longer.

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