Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumnal Tones

I have recently renewed my love affair with thrift shops. I’ve always popped in and out, but as bridesmaidly duties approach and an ever shrinking bank account, it was time to start making a bit of time to hunt down a pair of silver shoes on the cheap.

Of course on my first outing to the thrift shops, I did not find silver shoes, but I did find these amazing Bally heels for 8 yos, hardly worn and in my size. Last night was the perfect night out for them and I decided to go for variety of autumnal tones...maroon dress from H&M, navy blue tights and vintage forest green leather cluth.

Oh and I found the perfect Buffalo silver satin shoes for less than a fiver, also hardly worn on my next outing...wonder what I’ll find next?

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