Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunshine Souvenir

But in this case, it is. I am fairly sure I have mentioned that I usually buy an accessory of some sort as my holiday souvenir. So in Alicante I was ready to shop, but on a very tight budget. I discovered a fab little store Bimba & Lola and fell in love with this bag.  I hesitated due to the 'appropriateness' of a clear bag for a woman over 30, but inspired by my 'summer of fun' mantra, this post from Ripped Knees, the fact that it is on sale for half-off and it's my birthday soon -  I'm thinking that it must be added to the collection.

I did leave Spain with a purchase. Normally I don’t fall for 'it' colours, but when the 'it' colour is yellow (or, officially, 'Mimosa'), by Chanel and can be worn on your nails, well, an exception has to be made. I know I could have purchased it anywhere in the world, but I bought it in Alicante and will think of the trip whenever I wear it and that is what matters. The colour also brightens your mood on the greyest of days, which is never a bad thing when spending the summer in Dublin.

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