Monday, March 14, 2011

Luck of the...

A friend of mine is thoroughly convinced that she will win a sizeable sum in the lottery someday.  I am fairly certain that I won’t – and it’s not a logic-based thing regarding statistics, it’s more that anytime I gamble or enter a giveaway I win a small prize, if anything. An example of this is that I recently won an IrishRail travel card with €10 on it. Not a major win, but still it is something that will be useful to me. Like many a fashionista, my luck seems to come in the form of bargains and finds, which is enough to keep me more than happy.

The necklace pictured here was found and purchased on Ebay a few years ago. I was bored at the office, had a bit of time to kill and just searched vintage costume jewellery. I believe I was on the hunt for a necklace at the time, specifically a long, gold necklace. I saw this, the auction was ending and I 'won' a vintage bone necklace for about €15 with shipping.

I love the fact that it’s weighted to one side. It looks amazing with crew or boat neck tops. I’m wearing it here with a buttoned up navy cardigan and my specs. 

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