Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An heirloom

When I was younger and didn’t have contacts, I used to envy anyone in sunglasses, especially my Grandma Betty. They were always big and usually designer – a lot of them also had fade lenses. When she passed away a few years ago, I asked that a pair of her sunglasses be set aside for me.

My mom put several pairs aside including these beautiful, blue, vintage, polaroid pair. I wore them a good bit the summer after she passed away, even to the Electric Picnic. Then I lost them one night on a Friday evening that begin with drinks before clocking-off time. I was devastated. I thought that maybe I’d left them in a taxi, so rang the carriage office. I tore my room apart, thinking maybe...just maybe...they’d made it home with me. I went to the pub we’d been drinking in and alas…there was no sign of them. I’d lost them forever and was so angry at myself for it.

I began to keep an eye on ebay to see if a similar pair might show up in some vintage overstock. Then one day there was a pair in white and tortoise shell – I contacted the seller and asked if they had any in blue. They said they’d keep an eye out for me. I continued to keep an eye out for me too.

One evening recently, I popped the style number into Google and a lovely seller from Greece on Etsy came up. I started trawling through their offerings and there they were – I actually gasped. I purchased them immediately. It seemed so easy. Until the package arrived and it was a very similar pair, but not the pair I wanted. I contacted the seller and he sent the correct ones straight away.

They arrived last week and while they’re not her actual pair, they’re still inspired by Grandma Betty.

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