Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liebster Lovin

The lovely Comtesse de Ferveur gave me the Liebster award and I only just noticed because I have been an intermittent interneter this week. The Comtesse has to be one of the most lucky, thrifty shoppers on the planet and if you do not follow her blog, you should do so just to remind yourself that there are still amazing things to be found in charity shops.

This award is for smaller blogs - which at the moment has less 300 followers. I am passing it on to the following three bloggers, all of whom have great blogs that you should definitely visit if you haven't already.

1 - Kit-Cat-Kitty-Cat
2 - Stuff I make, bake and love
3 - The Flavour Junky

I've been a bit lazy this week with my accessories this week and when I did wear them didn't manage to photograph them. So instead I will write a short post on my everyday wares.

I swap between these two pairs of earrings. They are both small sterling silver posts from James Avery that I purchased over 10 years ago while at UT.  I swap between the two sets except for occasions when they get swapped for their more glamorous, dangly cousins. 

One day my best mate, Nez, and I were enjoying gluttony and a sunny day on the balcony of The Cheescake Factory in San Francisco with Tiffany directly across from us on Union Square. I believe a few alcoholic lemonades had been consumed and I took a notion that I wanted something from Tiffany. We finished our lunch and headed across the square, I had seen this particular style before and quite liked it for its simplicity. The ring was overpriced, but it was well worth it for the packaging and the fact that I wear it everyday. 

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  1. Squeeeeeeeeee! How lovely, thank you :)

    That Tiffany's ring is gorgeous - I love a mixture of small and simple and big and ridiculous rings. It's definitely a ring that you could wear everyday, I like having little jewellery accents like that that everyone knows are yours & that you wear everyday.