Friday, July 22, 2011

Tightening & Transforming Belts

It’s the weekend before payday. Every month I swear that it will be different that I will stick to my budget and have loads of cash to spend on the last weekend of the month.  Inevitably I find some amazing find on ebay or in the shops or a friend calls to invite me out and I have to say, ‘Ummm...actually...umm’

The good thing is that it forces me to get creative, today’s examples:
  • A cocktail of muddled nectarines and vodka with some ginger, brown sugar, a dash of nutmeg and topped up with tonic was created. Verdict is that the mix was quite tasty, but nectarines were very pulpy. You would be better off infusing the vodka with nectarines.
  • I spied my little AA rope belt this morning and just had to wear it, unfortunately it wouldn’t really tie right as a belt on my dress and I couldn’t loop it as a crown on my head for the office without raising numerous eyebrows. I wore it as a necklace.
Some say economic strife leads to heightened creativity and today, I definitely agree.

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