Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reacquainted - Wedges of Pain

I seem to be going through a period of rediscovery with a number of items in my closet. This week I was staring at the great wall of shoes in my bedroom – it’s more of a mess of shoes on the floor that seem to end up creating a barrier than a lovely organised wall of shoes – and thought, ‘meh’.

Remembering that I have a number of pairs of shoes that get neglected, I decided to pull out a pair of wedges that I have owned for about 4 years.

Theoretically everything about them is right. They are leather, comfortable, not terribly high, good with jeans or dresses and they make my legs look mega long. They were quite affordable and they kept showing up in magazines post-purchase, so I felt like I got the purchase of a lifetime from Topshop.

So what is wrong with them? The first few times I wore them I seemed to fall at least once in them, part of this was clumsiness and/or levels of intoxication, but the other was that the sole is quite narrow and if you hit any kind of uneven payment the wobbles begin. The other issue is that they rub in a few places. I have persevered with shoes previously and won the battle, but am unsure if it will work with these, based on below:

Monday: Right heel rubbed a bit raw. Stitching near buckle on right wedge rubs ankle and actually cuts into it. Loosen down a notch to no avail.

Tuesday: The heel part is fine, but the ankle thing getting increasing uncomfortable. Tried rubbing vaseline repeatedly on portion of shoe that is doing the damage, seems to improve it for a bit, but then back to square 1.

Wednesday: Now the left ankle is also cutting into me. As above in terms of attempts to correct.

I love these shoes, but they are abusing me and I am reminded why they haven’t been worn much. Anyone have any tips? Or tales of abusive accessories?


  1. I have NO tips, unfortunately. I usually apply too many plasters to prevent blistering, but it just doesn't look good, does it?
    I've heard that rubbing olive oil into the area that's rubbing (if it's real leather) will soften the leather a bit, but I haven't tried it yet.

    I have a few shoes that just hurt, no matter how often I try to break them in. Sadface.

  2. My tip is don’t buy any shoes that goes around ur ankle. Unless it’s soft, such as cloth.

    Otherwise, it’s very easy to get plasters =(

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  3. it's too bad, those shoes are super cute.