Monday, July 11, 2011

Princess for a Day

Apologies for the hiatus - it has been a crazy past few weeks involving a lot of long days and extra hours at work and a lot of hard play on the weekends. 

As of Friday I am 32 years young and with the rationale that 3+2 equals 5 and with all the royal weddings of late, I decided to have a princess-themed party.

I am lucky enough to have amazing friends and my best mate, Jan, organised princess crowns, sashes and a princess cake to bring the theme to fruition. Of course I needed a new frock to go with the theme. I had planned on getting something super-frilly in the sales, but fell in love with this little gĂșna from Mango in the House of Fraser sale. It's a bit Snow White-esque so went well with the theme.

I’ve paired it here with my own vintage belt, Tatty Devine nickname necklace and shoes from H&M. Crown provided by Jan. 

I may have looked like a princess, but am pretty certain all notions of princess-like behaviour disappeared at about midnight. 

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