Sunday, July 24, 2011

En Soie

I have my own little fashion rules in my head – I am never sure if these are just completely my own or if I heard them somewhere and adopted them. One is not to wear knee-high leather boots in summer and every year I try not to wear a winter coat until after 1 October.

These compulsions make summer wardrobe choices a daily series of battles within my head and/or with the elements.
“Is it going to rain? It’s a bit too warm for the rain mac, but what if gets cold?” 
“Sun might peek out, will I put on my contacts so I can wear my sunglasses?” 
“No, you can’t wear an all black outfit – it’s summer for f**k’s sake and you are not a goth!”

There is a lovely and easy solution to the last one in the form of this lovely Hermes scarf purchased on holiday in Biarritz about 3 years ago. When I was originally looking in the shop, I fell in love with this same style, but on a cream background with pinks, reds and oranges when I went to buy it, the only non-display version was the dark blue one here, but I decided I liked it more because it included a few more colours and would not show any stains should anything get on the scarf.

I wear this piece quite often and I can’t believe I haven’t written about it before as it is one of my prized possessions and would be saved in a fire. I love the colours, the shape and the fact that the entire pattern is in the shape of an elephant when viewed from a slight distance. (I’ve had a thing for elephants since the 5th grade). If ever I develop an allergy to silk it will be framed and hung on the wall...

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