Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Positively Charming

For the most part I do not own the most adventurous wardrobe on the planet. I think this stems from a partial childhood in small town Texas where I was once persecuted by my peers for wearing a t-shirt with a peace sign on it. (Apparently peace signs are symbols of devil worshipping, or didn’t you know that?) I am also a UK size 16/18 pear-shaped fashionista on a limited budget.

So I show-off with accessories…today’s outfit was very simple as it's a work day, AA high-waisted skirt, white blouse, black tights and black Ferragamos. Accented with a lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs charm bracelet watch that I got a few years ago from my facilitators, otherwise known as my parents and grandparents.  I love that it is based on a classic feminine style, but is chunky, playful and a little bit rock ‘n’roll.

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