Sunday, April 24, 2011

Inbetween Days

‘April is the cruelest month’ or so said T.S. Eliot. April tends to be one of the best months in Ireland, the weather tends to be gorgeous, the flowers are in bloom and Outdoor Yoga starts up.

Though it can be incredibly cruel…Thursday was amazing so I sat on the stoop with Ms. Pearl in a skirt and sandals soaking up the sunshine and drinking cider. Friday I was all about spring accessories and sandals even though the sky was a bit overcast. My housie and I began strolling into town and as expected the heavens opened up. It remained dry for most of the rest of the weekend, but at this time of year it is best to prepare for all eventualities…

Friday I persisted in wearing my Birkenstocks, carrying this lovely inherited vintage bag and silver bracelets. The abalone butterfly cuff was found in my parents’ garage after being neglected by my mother for years – I decided to give it the love it deserves and moved it into my jewelry box. The other is a gift from my great aunt, it’s a little big, but I like that it looks a bit like an ornate watch strap. By the time I was heading home that afternoon, the sun reappeared for a lovely warm evening and overall it has been a lovely long weekend.

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