Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wish List - An Adidas Jacket

Photo by Aidan Coughlan

SIGH. From the age of 15 I had trawled vintage shops in the hope I would find a vintage Adidas jacket with stripes on the sleeves and the old school symbol. One day I went into an Adidas outlet in Lake Tahoe and there she was.

Pink would not normally have been my colour of choice, but I fell in love with they way it stood out with the black and promptly convinced my mother to buy it for me. It was a terribly loyal jacket and survived a cigarette burn on St Patrick’s Day, a couple of Electric Picnics and many house parties. Then one day while grocery shopping it left my life as quickly as it came in.

I had slung it over my handbag and was examining some vegetables, took a few steps and realized it was gone. I was crushed. Inconsolable. This was over a year ago and I still haven’t moved on, but I think I’m ready. I’ve asked Santa for one and if he doesn’t deliver it on Christmas Day, I’m heading to the Adidas outlet and hopefully fate will intervene. I promise I won’t lose this one, Santa!

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  1. If you find a new one Marie I want to see pics!