Sunday, January 9, 2011

I've some baggage...Long-haul Baggage!

Once upon a time, I was a typical North American girl and a weekend trip to my best mate’s parents involved at minimum one larger than cabin-sized suitcase. Of course road trips lend themselves to 
over-packing and anything that involves at least one trip through airport security does not.

These days I am older, wiser and an expat that must make at least one long-haul journey every year so I have had to change my more is more philosophy to a less is more philosophy – even at that I usually have at least one piece of clothing that is never worn on the trip.

I am paranoid enough to pack all my valuables into my cabin baggage. My definition of valuables is laptop, camera and accessories for the holiday. Accessories usually involve at least one pair of dangly earrings, a silk scarf, vintage brooch, sunglasses and the most recent issue of British Vogue.  From there it’s baby wipes, sweets purchased as a gift for friends and family or anything that I couldn’t fit in my checked bag. My handbag holds any toiletries and items truly vital for travel, like wallet, passport and tickets.

My cabin baggage also includes a silk sleep sack. My mom bought one for me through some Christmas uber-deal a few years ago and it is AMAZING. It does not leave you shivering as the shoddy blankets given to economy passengers do (SOMEDAY I will turn left) nor does it shed all over your clothing and leave you with itchy skin. The one she purchased for me also came with a silk pillowcase and a silk eye mask. I love how warm it keeps me and how lightweight and small it packs up, plus it’s silk and who doesn’t like silk?

Packed into my checked baggage are dresses as they can be dressed up and down and are great for layering - as are cardigans! One pair of jeans, some pyjamas, socks, (unmentionables) and one or two t-shirts. If it's summer time a pair of casual sandals, a pair of dressy sandals and a pair of runners and a bathing suit or two. In winter, it's knee high boots, runners, and a pair of heeled black shoes. Toiletries are a post unto their own.

Of course, in spite of taking many trips, I usually manage to forget something important like a toothbrush, hairbrush or, as per my most recent trip, my sunglasses - and in California you always need a pair of sunglasses.


  1. Marieasy, do you have a link to the silk sleep sack anywhere? I would love to peruse...

  2. Here ya go doll, I should clarify it's more of a blanket, the one I have is dark blue and the end of it is 'pouched so you can stick your feet inside it. I <3 it.