Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barrettes!!! A Post for my Mom

My mom recently lamented the fact that she never learned to style my hair when I was a little girl. While other girls were sporting intricate French plaits, my hair was usually worn straight with a fringe. The few pictures where I have a lovely crown of braids are usually taken shortly after my great aunt or another family member had styled it.

I can safely say to my mom, ‘sigh no more - your deficit in hair skills lead to my adoration of hair accessories’ and I think I wear them well.
I love barrettes and always have. They are brilliant to have around when your fringe has grown out to an awkward length between haircuts or when you don’t have the right necklace/earrings/scarf to go with an outfit.

My current collection is very pared down - a few years ago I gave a number of barrettes to my niece, who is now an ardent Sailor Moon fan due to a pair Chibiusa barrettes in my old collection. A lot of these have come from H&M, but the long pale pink one came from a Christmas cracker and the small one with rhinestones is the last one of a pair that I purchased for the first prom I went to at 15.  

I am contemplating adding to my collection, the Style Rookie is sporting some amazing Goody clips at the moment and I think they are perfect for spring and summer.

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