Friday, December 17, 2010

A ribbon scarf....

About 5 years ago, I was lucky enough to receive a sizable gift card from a group of friends for Brown Thomas. The day after receipt I went straight in and spent the lot on an Hermes twilly.

I recently saw a woman sporting one around her neck and another two tied to her briefcase, she looked impossibly chic. In my mind she had to be French. I almost struck up a conversation with her just out of sheer envy.

It doesn't need to be Hermes, it can be from anywhere in any pattern or colour. I would say plump for silk, if you can, as I find even cotton can be a bit stiff and itchy when tied that close to your skin.

For solid coloured and plain clothes - especially monochrome outfits, it gives an amazing bit of oomph...tied coyly in a knot around your neck and instantly you’re sporting the sexy secretary look, alternatively tie it around a chignon or wear as a headband to keep it a bit more PG. I’ve also been known to tie mine around my wrist or in a bow around the strap of a tank top. I could wax lyrical about this forever, but many a blogger has blogged there before me…

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