Monday, December 13, 2010

What's in a name?

Marie is not always found on the displays of personalised pencil cases, magnets, and trinkets. I’ve always felt compelled to snap anything up that did have my name on it, cue my Tatty Devine name necklace.

I read about them in a magazine and bought name necklaces for several friends and finally last year I purchased one for myself and it has become one of my favourite pieces. The font and colour remind me of Annie, which I was obsessed with as a little girl…ok, which I am still obsessed with – who doesn’t love a red dress with white tights and black patent Mary Janes? I have also always loved hearts. It’s a playful piece and comes in very handy when being introduced to people in a loud pub.

Every quirky fashionable girl and boy should own a name necklace, there are fonts, colours and sizes to suit anyone. Or if you’re not into advertising your name pick a word you love.  They’ve recently added an Anchor to the possible charms and I cannot wait to get a new one with it. I’m thinking ‘Yes,Sir!’ or ‘Yank’ in either yellow, green or navy blue.


  1. I notice that you conveniently left out "Lush" Marie....

  2. i have ALWAYS wanted a name necklace! very cute!!! :)