Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Favourite T

You know you have one. It has faded, has holes, the screenprint is cracked or has faded beyond recognition and it has absolutely no shape to it whatsoever. It has survived purge after purge. You might have purchased it yourself or stole it off a parent/significant other/not-so significant’s your favourite T...used to wear it everyday...

This beauty is from a gig I went in Houston, Texas at the age of 14. I was (probably still am a little) obsessed with Evan Dando and while it wasn’t my first gig – that honour goes to Milli Vanilli, redeemed by the fact that Young MC opened – it was one of my most memorable. My glasses got kicked off my face in the mosh pit because everyone was so angry in the mid-90s that you moshed even at a Lemonheads concert and I actually couldn’t see the gig.

These calamities did not prevent the t-shirt my father bought me that night from taking pride of place in my wardrobe for over 15 years. It doesn’t really get worn in public these days, but it does get slept in frequently enough.

Luckily in 2007 I was able to see my teen hero play Dublin with my friend Yvonne and courtesy of her mate Trev, who got us on the guest list. We had a bit to drink beforehand and were squealing like teenage girls. This time I wore my contacts just in case there was a mosh pit and I made sure to make my way as close to the stage as I could for a good part of the gig. 

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