Monday, August 8, 2011

Accent Enough

Sometimes even I wear something that doesn’t require accessorising. This dress is one of those somethings. It’s Marks and Sparks from last A/W, I’m thinking if I can find the right pair of trousers I can use this top to pull of the tunic and trousers look. Of course finding trousers that suit my pear shape and the money in my budget for them is another matter...

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  1. I'm FINALLY getting around to reading my 1000+ posts on my blogreader, i've been seriously neglecting my blog & blog reading recently.
    ANYWAY, I love this tunic, it reminds me of some of the Chloe tunics that always seemed to be on sale in BT2. You really can't underestimate M&S for a nice, well-fitted, classic piece. I'm a big fan!
    Are you going to any of the DFF events? I'm away from Saturday so i'm hoping to make them, i'm a bit of a chicken when it actually comes to going to fashion 'events' though!

    I'm off for a peruse of M&S now, inspired by this post...