Sunday, May 15, 2011

Men's Wares

A lot of attention is being paid to men’s fashion these days and a few fashionamales in my life would probably love if I devoted a bit of time to their wares.

In my eyes a good male accessory, isn’t strictly male. It should be something the women in your life want to steal for themselves.

A long gone ex had a Rolex, which he carelessly left at my apartment, for the few days it was there I kept wearing it around the house, in spite of the fact it was way too big for my teensy wrists. Since then I’ve decided that when I get a Rolex, it will be a man’s – it won’t be as elegant as woman’s, but that will make it stand out all the more. 

In my teens I rocked vintage men’s golf cardigans like nobody else and, as it was the era of grunge, stole all of my father’s checked shirts to wear with my ‘unisex’ Doc Martens. This trait of stealing checked shirts has not died and one that belonged to my most recent paramour is hanging in my closet – if you must know, it looks great with sandals and jeans in summer.

Oh and don’t leave your wallet or sunglasses in my handbag for safe-keeping…

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